Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions

We know you will have questions about our Pay Monthly websites and how it all works. Our FAQ section usually answers most of them – but of course, please contact us directly with anything else not covered.

Will I love my website?

Most definitely – we are very experienced web designers and marketers and know how to build great websites.

How long will it take to build my website?

Once you have filled-in the questionnaire we will send you and supplied us all the text you want (and any images) – it should take about 5-7 working days – but timings can vary slightly from project to project. The priority is to build you a great website you love.

Is there a Contract?

No, our plans are Contract free. BUT, you will only own the website after the 12th payment. If payments stop before Month 12 – then we reserve the right to delete the website from our servers. After you make the month 12 payment – then we will supply you the complete website code.

What if I want to Pay the 12 months up-front?

Of course – and we would offer a nice discount for doing so.

Can you create a custom Pay Monthly plan for me?

Yes, most definitely.

Can I host my own website?

After the month 12 payment then yes.

Can I update it myself?

Yes but if you make any errors or things you can’t fix – and ask us to fix  – then this will be deducted from your monthly updates allowance (if you are on one of those plans).

I already own my domain – what next?

All you need to do is have the domain pointed to the website location (an IP address), that we will give you. Your domain provider can help with this. It is an easy 5 minutes job.

Can you help me choose a design?

Of course – we have loads of designs to choose from – and we would be delighted to help you find the one you want.

What about SEO – is it included?

All the sites we build are SEO friendly with basic optimisation– and when it is finished – we submit it to Google Search Console. If you want more SEO work – we can of course do this but it would need to be a separate agreement.

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